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Grand Sumo Winter Tournament Okinawa 2016

This year, the Grand Sumo Tournament will be held again in Okinawa!



The Grand Sumo Winter Tournament 2016 is planned to be held again in Okinawa!
This year, there will be a food court as well as the tournament.



Event Grand Sumo Winter Tournament Okinawa 2016
Date December 17th, 2016 (Saturday)
Time: 14:00 - 21:00

December 18th, 2016 (Sunday)
Time: 08:00 - 15:00
Price ≪Ticket Prices≫ (※ tax included)
Ringside Seat S ¥14,000
Ringside Seat A ¥13,000
Box seat pair S ¥22,000 Set of tickets for 2 people
Box seat pair A ¥20,000 Set of tickets for 2 people
First floor free seating ¥10,000
First floor seated ¥9,000
Standing (2nd floor) ¥8,000

※ Box seat pair is for two people in one box seat. (※ The price shown is for 2 people.) If you are buying a ticket for 2 people, please select only 1 seat.
Place Okinawa Convention Center (沖縄コンベンションセンター)
Address 〒901-2224 Okinawa Prefecture, Ginowan, Mashiki, 4-3-1

Arrival by car:
・Approximately a 40 minute drive from Naha airport.
Arrival by bus:
・From Naha bus terminal, take either the 26, 43, 32, 55. 112 or 99 bus and get off at 'Okinawa Convention Centre'. This will take you directly in "コンベンションセンター前" (front of the convention Center).
Parking ※Please use public transport such as bus, taxi and monorail to arrive at the premises.
Other features ≪Limited edition souvenirs≫
Lunch boxes, drinks and sumo goods.
※Available through advanced booking only.

※Seat tickets and souvenir exchange tickets are sold at the Fami Port in FamilyMart stores.

※Please purchase your souvenir tickets separately from your seat tickets using the “Souvenir Exchange Ticket” selection on the Fami Port.
※For more details, please visit the official home page at "http://sumo-okinawa.jp/".
URL http://sumo-okinawa.jp/