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Itoman Harley 2017

This is a traditional event that prays.

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The event starts with an Ugan Barley (boat race of prayer) to pay respect to the Shinto gods, followed by an Ugan Barley to train the next generation with young people and middle school students participating.

There is also the Kunukase capsizing race where the boat is capsized twice during the race, and the day ends with the Agaisubu race, a 2150m race with rowers selected from the village.

There is also a general entry category known as the “Ahiru Tori Competition”, or the Duck Taking Competition.


Event Itoman Harley 2017
Date 29 May, 2017 (Monday)

Opening Cermony: 09:00
Event Begins: 10:00
Price Free
Place Itoman Fishing Port
Address 603-1 Itoman, Itoman-shi, Okinawa 901-0361

Take bus 89 from Naha Bus Terminal. It is a 10-minute walk from the 'Itoman City Office Entrance' bus stop.

≪Information on temporary car park≫
Itoman City Office MAP
・Approximately 30-minutes by car from Naha Airport via the national road 331.

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