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Kanucha Hanana Festival 2017

During this event, bright and colorful flowers decorate the large resort grounds

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In Okinawa, spring is one step ahead of the rest of Japan and to celebrate its arrival, the vast grounds at Kanucha Resort are adorned with bright and colorful flowers.

Visitors can view many different species, including Bougainvillea, a flower of southern Japan,

the incredibly rare ‘Ryukyu Asebi’ which is only found in Okinawa, as well as the big, red Kerama Azalea.

There will be a ‘Hanana Photo Contest’ with a main prize of a stay for two at the Kanucha resort and other luxury prizes to give away. There will also be a flower themed ‘hanana’ menu and ‘hanana’ hotel rooms which will be filled with flowers, amongst many other events that visitors can enjoy aside from viewing the flowers.


Event Kanucha Hanana Festival 2017
Date February 1st - March 31st, 2017
Price Free
Place Kanucha Resort
Address 156-2 Abu, Nago-shi, Okinawa 905-2263

・80-minutes by car from Naha airport
・100-minutes by express bus from Naha airport

Map Code HR: 485 159 290*11
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Parking 300 parking spaces available
URL https://www.kanucha.jp/event/hanana