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Yohena Hydrangea Garden


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Yohena Hydrangrea Garden located in Izumi of Motobu-cho town in northern Okinawa. The garden had originally been a tangerine field before its owner, Mrs. Uto Yohena started planting hydrangeas and they grew covering the whole garden. Now there are more than 300,000 beautiful flowers blooming from nearly 30 different species of hydrangeas in the vast garden. Not only blue but also purple and white ones covering the entire area will immediately grab your eyes as you walk through the entrance. The landscape once used to be a hidden gem has been selected as one of The 30 Best Hydrangeas Gardens in Western Japan and draws a number of visitors from over the world

Meet the 100 year old owner


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The owner of the exquisite hydrangea gardens who turned 100 this year. She has been seen on local TV and magazines as she has been awarded for contributing such beautiful scenery to the community.

Paths in the Gardens


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The paths in the gardens are paved which allows a stroller access easily as well. However be prepared for some narrow steps if you’re planning to go up the area to observe the spectacular scenery spreading down the hills.

Various Hydrangeas Blooming along the paths


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What is so fascinating about hydrangeas is that they are constantly adjusting to the new environment given. For instance, hydrangeas can change their colors on their own when they are transplanted in different soil. If they are changed from blue to pink, that indicates aluminum has been subtracted from the soil.

Admissions to the Gardens


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The Yohena Hydrangea Gardens have been open to public since 2001 for a small fee: ¥400 for adults, ¥ 200 for children age of 7 to 18 and free for children age of 6 and under.


Event Yohena Hydrangea Garden
Date ≪Open period≫ 11st May (Saturday) - Mid June, 2019
≪Open hours≫ 9:00 ~ 18:30
※For more information, please visit the website of Yohena Hydrangea Garden.
Price Adults : ¥400 (350)
Elementary - High school stundents : ¥200 (150)
Adults with disabilities : ¥300
Stundents with disabilities : ¥100
Under 6 years old : Free

※In ( ), the fee of group of 20 persons or more.
Place Yohena Hydrangea Gardens
Address 1312 Aza-Izumi, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa

1 hour and 30 minute drive from Naha airport
Follow the signs on HW 84

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Parking Free: Spaces for 45 vehicles
URL http://yohenaajisaien.sakura.ne.jp/