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Okinawa Roulette Challenge !

Okinawa Roulette Challenge

okinawa stamp rally

Okinawa Roulette Challenge

During the rally period, participants can hold their smartphones over the touch point at participating stores to gather Seasir stamps,
then, at lottery stores, the number of seasir stamps aquired can be used to enter the Roulette Challenge, for a chance to win as many as 30,000 Peach points.
※Worth of 30,000 JPY

Rally Period: From July 1st 2018, to (TBD)

・The stamp expiration date is two weeks after the last stamp acquired.
・Availability of touch points differs according to the opening hours of each store.
・Please inquire at each shop for the location of the touch point.
・Different kinds of prizes can be won in the lottery. Prizes after 3rd place cannot be selected by the winner.
・Cash and other goods cannot be exchanged for coupons or prizes.
・Installation of an App is not necessary for participation, however a smart phone is required. Feature phones are not able to participate.

Safari or Chrome are recommended for particpation in the Mobile Stamp Rally. Other browsers may not work.

For how to participate, please access the QR code below.

QR code for Peach Airlines’ in-flight booklet “Peach Tickets”

QR code for Peach Airlines’ Okinawa Stamp Rally leaflet, distributed at arrival flights to Naha Airport from Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand.

QR code for Okinawa Stamp Rally leaflet, placed at the tax exemption counter of the Kokusai Street Store Don Quijote.


Event Okinawa Roulette Challenge !
Date Jul 1th , 2018 ~