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13th Ryukyu Kaiensai 2016

~Earliest Hanabi Festival in Japan~ JAL PRESENTS “13th Ryukyu Kaiensai 2016″


Hanabi, the creation of a great harmony of Nature and Culture, is one of the famous culture in Japan. This year, we are celebrating the 13th anniversary of RYUKYU KAIENSAI.

One of the largest scale of fireworks display in Japan will entertain the visitors with the fusion of Okinawan music and culture using original stage effect.


People from both in and outside of Okinawa will gather to enjoy the fireworks in Ginowan Tropical Beach. 10000 fireworks will illuminate the sky and bring the earliest summer in Japan.


In the main event ‘Fireworks Illusion’, fireworks will be set off synchronizing with songs from classic hits to the latest hits, and it would uplift your summer energy!

The spectacular fireworks display designed by the worldwide famed designer JUNKO KOSHINO, and the pyrotechnists’ artistic works would also attracts the visitors.


Event 13th Ryukyu Kaiensai 2016
Date April 9th, 2016.

Doors open at 3:30PM, Show starts at 7:30PM.
※Will be held rain or shine, but postponed to 10th in case of strong wind and rain.
Price ※()= Advance ticket prices.
■Admission and Reserved-seat tickets (including Admission)
SS seat (Admission ticket + Table seat with roof)
・SS seat ・2 seatings ¥ 22,800 (¥21,600)
・SS seat ・4 seatings ¥45,600 (¥43,200)
・SS seat ・8 seatings ¥91,200 (¥86,400)

S seat (Admission ticket + Table seat)
・S seat ・2 seatings ¥17,400 (¥16,200)
・S seat ・4 seatings ¥34,800 (¥32,400)
・S seat ・8 seatings ¥69,600 (¥64,800)

SA seat (Admission ticket + SA seat)
・SA seat ¥6,500 (¥5,900)
・SA seat for kids ¥5,400 (¥4,800)

A1 seat (Admission ticket + A1 seat)
・A1 seat ¥6,500 (¥5,400)
・A1 seat for kids ¥4,900 (¥4,300)

A2 seat (Admision ticket + A2 seat)
・A2 seat ¥6,500 (¥5,400)
・A2 seat for kids ¥4,900 (¥4,300)

B seat (Admission ticket)
・B seat ¥5,500 (¥4,900)
・B seat for kids ¥4,400 (¥3,800)

■Admittion tickets only (Lawn area)
※NO seat assignment.
※Chairs NOT provided.
・Lawn area without seat assignment ¥3,300 (¥2,700)
・Lawn area without seat assignment for kids ¥2,200 (¥1,600)

Regular-sized car ¥1,200 per vehicle (¥1,100 per vehicle)

■Reserved-seat tickets (Admission tickets NOT included)
※Those who already have admission tickets such as sponsor tickets/invitation tickets and would only

like to purchase tickets for the seat assignment, please purchase reserved-seat tickets listed below.
※Please do not forget to bring both admission and reserved-seat tickets on the day. 

・SS seat ・2 seatings ¥16,200
・SS seat ・4 seatings ¥32,400
・SS seat ・8 seatings ¥64,800
・S seat ・2 seatings ¥10,800
・S seat ・4 seatings ¥21,600
・S seat ・8 seating ¥43,200
・SA seat ¥3,200
・A1 seat ¥2,700
・A2 seat ¥2,700
・B seat ¥2,200

■Purchase tickets at FamilyMart in Taiwan
・Admission tickets only. (Seat assignment NOT included. Chairs NOT provided.) 850NTD
※Only admission tickets without seat assaignment.
※To those who would like a reserved-seat ticket, please purchase a ticket at the door on the day of the

※Please note that the number of reserved seats are limited.

※Please note that we may ask to share a table with other group.
※Available at FamilyMart e+ /Ryukyu Kaiensai Official Website.
※Reserved-seat tickets will be required to enter the assigned seat area.
※Tickets required for all 6 years old and over.
※Free for preschool children.
Place Ginowan Tropical Beach (宜野湾海浜公園トロピカルビーチ)
Address 4-2-1 Mashiki, Ginowan-shi, Okinawa 901-2224 (〒901-2224 沖縄県宜湾市真志喜4-2-1)

*40 minute drive from Naha airport.
*Shuttle bus Available.

MAPCODE HR: 33 403 075
※"マップコード" and "MAPCODE" are registered trademarks by DENSO corporation.

※We recommend to use public transportation such as bus and taxi.
※Traffic expected on the event date. Please come with plenty of time to cope with predicted traffic congestion.

Shuttle Bus

【Naha area】 Omoromachiekimae MAP

《Bound for Ginowan》 Omoromachiekimae → Event site 【15:00/16:00/16:30/17:00/17:30/ 18:00】
《Bound for Naha》 【 21:10】

【Chatan area】 Near AEON
Chatan MAP

《Bound for Ginowan》 【15:30/16:40/18:00】
《Bound for Chatan》 【21:20】

【Nago area】
Nago Bus Terminal MAP

《Bound for Ginowan》 【13:00】 《Bound for Nago》 【21:20 】
Parking Parking available only for those who purchased reserved-parking tickets (limited 200). A ticket per car required. ※Traffic expected on the event date. Please come before 17:00 to prevent the predicted traffic congestion.
Other features 《Notes》
※Items NOT allowed to bring into the event site.
・Tents, Parasols, chairs, tables, beach chairs, cool boxes.
・Outside food and beverages.
Any containers including cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles.
・Pets (Contact and inquire General Information Service if you will be accompanied by a guide dog.)
・Fireworks, party crackers, charcoal, explosives, and flammable materials.
・Bicycles, skateboards, or any other non-self-propelled vehicle or device.
・Power generators, and projectors.
※Food and beverages purchased in the event site are allowed to bring to the viewing area on the beach.
※Food on skewers/sticks NOT allowed in the viewing area for safety reasons.
URL http://www.ryukyu-kaiensai.com/archive/2016/spring/en/