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39th Motobu Yaedake Sakura Festival

One step ahead, Japan’s fastest bloom

39th Motobu Yaedake Sakura Festival

A sakura festival will be held to celebrate the flowering of Ryukyu Hirakura cherry blossoms in the Motobu Peninsula, North of Okinawa’s main island.

Yaedake stands at an altitude of 453m, and will be painted in the vivid color of 7000 cherry trees all the way from the foot to the mountaintop. This is definitely a sight to see.
On Saturdays and Sundays during the festival, there will be plenty of events, including the Miss Sakura Beauty Pageant and a local Okinawa folk song competition.

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Visitors can take a leisurely drive and follow the cherry blossoms to the top of the mountain where there is a view of the sea and refreshing spring air.


Event 39th Motobu Yaedake Sakura Festival
Date January 21st - February 5th 2017
Price Free entry
Place Yaedake Sakura-no-Mori Park
Address 921 Namizato, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa 905-0222

≪Access by bus≫
Take the 76 bus from Nago bus terminal and get off at the "Yaedake Entrance (八重岳入口)"bus stop. The festival is roughly a 20-minute walk.
≪Access by car≫
Take the Okinawa Expressway, approximately a 40-minute drive from Kyoda IC point.
※Congestion is expected from the Kyoda Interchange, so please allow plenty of time

MapCode HR: 206 598 873*41
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Parking 500 spaces available
※There is also parking available for buses
Other features *A shuttle bus will operate from Motobu Ohama Square on Saturdays and Sundays during the festival period.
URL http://www.town.motobu.okinawa.jp/