【Okinawa Travel Info】Tourist information for Okinawa,Japan


Featured Water Sports



There are numerous scubadiving and snorkeling spots around Okinawa due to its clearness and warmer climate. Having glimpse of underwater world where tropical fish and largest coral reef live will be your unforgettable memory. (Please refer shop’s information for details.)

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So many kinds of tropical fishes await you in the waters. Various courses are available for from begginers to advanced.


●You must not board on an airplane on the same day you joined scubadiving due to air pressure.

●Please refer the shop’s information for detais.

Other featured water sports

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  • Other featured water sports02

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Parasailing, banana boat, jet skiing and more are available for your most exciting Okinawan experience.

Okinawa is surrounded by waters and its climate is warmer compaired to mainland Japan. Open beaches will be held between March and April, and swimming, scubadiving as well as snorkeling can be enjoyed.

Whale watching (from January to early April)

Whale watching (from January to early April)01

From winter to spring, humpback whales migrate to waters around Okinawa to breed. Whale watching tours offer an opportunity to encounter natural whales performing in waters. Some shops provide pick up and drop off services as well. (Please refer each shop’s information)

  • Whale watching (from January to early April)02

    You’ll be amazed by their dynamic performances!

  • Whale watching (from January to early April)03

    You may have an intimate encounter with whales.

Whale watching (from January to early April)04

Do not miss one of the most interesting attractions during this season!


●The boat is subject to change since there is a limited number of passenger.

●Please be sure to wear stable shoes on the boat.

●You must wear a life jacket on the boat.