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Featured Okinawa Soba

Featured Okinawa soba

More than 150,000 dishes of Okinawa soba is consumed daily in Okinawa. It was first brought from China as a feast served to the Ryukyuan royal family and later spread to commoners in the Taisho era. Free Okinawa soba can be enjoyed anywhere on the island every October 17th.

Standard Okinawa soba is a dish of wide noodles made with flour, salt, and lye water, served in a broth made from pork bones and bonito flakes. It is usually topped with pork spare ribs or pork slices, fish cake, and green onions, but other toppings such as cooked vegetables, herbs, and pig feet can also be added. Other islands also feature their own soba- Miyako soba is eaten a special way, Yaeyama soba has thinner noodles, and Daito soba is served with thicker and twisted noodles. Try eating at different places as noodles, broth, meat, and ingredients differ from area to area.