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Stone Paved Road with History of Ryukyu

Stone Paved Road with History of Ryukyu

In a short distance from Shuri castle is Kinjo-cho with a historical cobblestone road.
The region is in where once the royal family of Ryukyu had lived.

Stretching south from Shuri castle for about 300 meters is the stone paved road which is also referred to as Kinjo-cho Ishidatami.
The path is paved with Okinawan limestone and was designated a Prefectural Cultural Property in 1964.

This path with almost five hundred years of history had been a primary road of the region leading the Shuri castle to not only Naha port but also southern part of the island.
Not to mention the royal people, soldiers as well as envoys from overseas are considered to take this road visiting the Shuri castle back in the 16th century.

Behind the limestone walls along the road is amazingly preserved beautiful traditional houses with red tile roofs.

There are also places to rest and nice restaurants along the road that will enhance your stroll experience in the sense of going back in time.

Access to Kinjo stone paved road

Access by car: Drive on route HW 331 from Naha airport and head central Naha city. Take right at Tomari intersection on HW 58. Head towards Shuri keeping staying on HW 29. *If you’re coming via express way, get off at Haebaru IC and take HW 329.