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Kouri Jima with Spectacular Ocean Views which can be accessed by rental cars

Spectacular Ocean Views

With high quality water transparency and stunning views of the ocean is Kouri jima.
The eight- perimeter island is also referred to as “Koi-jima” which literally means “love island” and has been popular with not only tourists but also locals.

The bridge connecting Kouri-jima to the mainland Okinawa enables visitors to get there easily, and is one of the reasons why it’s been so popular.
After driving for an hour and half from Naha, what will catch your eyes are the spectacular emerald green ocean views that spread under the two kilometer Ohashi bridge.
The destination has also been used for scenes on movies as it’s considered to be the best beach spot in Okinawa.

Kouri jima consisting of Kouri beach with shallow waters, serene Tokei beach and Tinu beach is a paradise for those who would love to spend the day on the beach.
Finding some heart-shaped rocks can also be an entertainment for small children at the Tinu beach.

Where can you get food and refreshment after swimming at the beach?
There’s no convenience store on Kouri-jima but no worries!
Not only fancy Cafes and restaurants but also small places to stay over night are offered.

As the island is called “love island”, there’s this legend similar to Adam and Eve on the island.
The cave at Chinugu beach is believed to be where these two lovers grew their love.

Adjacent to the beach is Kouri Ocean Tower where will be a perfect place for couples and families to observe the beautiful views making their unforgettable memory.

Access to Kouri jima

An hour and 40 minute drive from Naha airport
20 minute drive from Churaumi aquarium

[Okinawa express way] Naha airport→Get off at Kyoda IC and head north on HW route 58
Take a left on HW route 110, drive towards Yagaji-jima passing Ou-jima
From north, drive HW route 505 towards Yagaji-jima crossing Warumi Ohashi bridge

For reservations for rental cars

Rental cars

Rental cars

When it comes to traveling Okinawa, renting a car may be the best way as the most visitors to Okinawa do so.
There are various types of cars including open cars, hybrid cars as well as foreign cars available for you to choose from.