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Okinawa offers the Best Steak Restaurants

Okinawa offers the Best Steak Restaurants

Pork has been a staple food in Okinawa since their trade with China during the Ryukyu Kingdom period.
In comparison, it hasn’t been that long since steak began being consumed by locals.
Including steaks, American food started to become popular in Okinawa after the Battle of Okinawa, as the area was occupied by the United States Armed Forces.

There are a great number of steak restaurants offering teppanyaki and hibachi grilled steaks in Okinawa.
At teppanyaki steak restaurants, cooks entertain you with their amazing performances done right at your table.

Okinawa has been one of the areas in Japan producing brand-beef, some famous Japanese brand-beef originally coming from the island.

Well-known types of Okinawan beef are Ishigaki beef, Yanbaru beef, and Ie beef.
They are all Japanese black beef with high-quality tender meat and a flavorful taste.

What is an advantage of visiting Okinawa?
You can savor Japanese brand-beef at an inexpensive price.

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Steak Restaurants


From long-standing steakhouses serving standard steaks to entertaining steak restaurants featuring spectacular performances provided at each table, you can enjoy traditional Okinawan beef.