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Naminoue Shrine for Your New Years Eve Party

Naminoue Shrine for Your New Years Eve Party

New Years’ celebration is the most important event in Japan as it gives another opportunity to socialize with families, friends and mainly relatives.
People flock to shrines and temples from New Year’s eve to January 3rd regardless of their religion.

Naminoue shrine perched on the hill facing the beautiful Naminoue beach is also one of the popular places for locals to visit for New Years celebration.
If you visit there on the new years eve, you will see many people eating a bowl of Okinawa soba before the clock ticks the beginning of the new year as it is their customary.

What attracts visitors including tourists from across the globe more is numerous food and game booths lined all the way that leads up to the shrine.
Here, you can make your choice from not merely local dishes such as Okinawa soba, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, takoyaki but also american food like corn dogs.

If you’re curious about your fortune then drop a 100yen coin into a wooden box and draw a piece of paper written how your new year seems to be.
And after reading it tying it up onto a branch may be a little interesting experience for small children as well.

Access to Naminoue Shrine

10 minute drive from Naha airport
20 minute walk from Asahibashi monorail station