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Heiwa Dori off of Kokusai Street

Heiwa Dori off of Kokusai Street

If you look for a large arched green sign with some Japanese kanji letters on it on Kokusai street, that would be the entrance to this Heiwa dori sprawling off of Kokusai street.

Heiwa dori is a covered shopping arcade featuring many shops and vendors that sell local wares from stone Shisaa dogs which can be seen on almost all Okinawan homes and Mu-mu dresses to freshly fried Okinawan doughnuts and unique snacks that often provided at the tables of celebrations.

There is also Makishi public market located on one of the alleyways, which offers unique Okinawa food including pigs face skin, pigs ears, seaweed, sea grapes and such.

Heiwa dori is worth your time to glimpse Okinawan culture and even try their daily meals.

Access to Heiwa Dori