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Ryukyu Blown Glass

hand blown glass being made by a skilled artisan

As you may see in your daily life, there are so many things that you can call “art”. It could be a piece of paper on which a scenic view is beautifully drawn, a house built in sophisticated architecture, or even a laser show created by colorful beams and powerful background music. Then what has been the fine art for Okinawans? You probably have already seen if you are or have been on the island: Ryukyu glass.

Ryukyu glass is an art of glass that requires proficient skills to make and also symbolizes Okinawan history. It was started to be made after World War ll out of the Coke bottles discarded by Americans stationed there.

one of the art of blown glass

Ryukyu glass come in various colors. If you find a blue one just tale a few moments to look into the bubbles in it. Soon you will see spectacular blue ocean full in the small world of the glass.

glass art that come in various shapes and sizes

Making your own piece of art of glass would be a great experience as there will be nothing the same as the one you will make in the world.

Largest Glass Factory in Okinawa

Ryukyu glass factory

Ryukyu Glass Factory

Ryukyu glass factory manufactures beautiful glassworks that come in varied colors and shapes. They offer self-guided tours to watch their amazing work of blown glass and even a chance to actually take part in.
An art museum, restaurant, and a display of tons of vibrant glassworks sold are on the premises as well.