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Whale Watching Season in Okinawa

Whale Watching Season in Okinawa

While spending a day of fun lying on a beautiful beach or diving into the underwater world may be the best things to do in Okinawa during the summer, hopping on a boat to go on whale watching tours is a must during the winter.

Humpback whales migrate seasonally, traveling to cold polar waters during summer seasons and to warmer waters during winter seasons.

Humpback whales do not feed during the winter, but breed. So what do they live off? They live off their fat reserves that you can easily see from their enormous bodies.

Humpback whales can grow to be up to 52 feet long and 79,000 pounds in weight. Regardless of their huge bodies, they are well known as acrobats because of their breaching and tail slapping.

Imagine a giant humpback whale spinning while they are breaching, or sticking its tail out to slap the surface of the water making a great splash.

If you have the chance to visit Okinawa between December and April, make sure you add a whale watching tour to your list of things to do.

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