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Mihama American Village

Mihama American Village

What will catch your eyes driving north on HW 58 from Naha is the main landmark of ferris wheel for Mihama American Village located in the Chatan destrict of Okinawa.

Mihama American Village has been one of the best destinations on the island to visit for almost everything including shopping, dining, dating, bowling, karaoke, movies as well as fun night life for both locals and tourists, since it was established.

As there are some U.S. Military bases near the area, a number of americans who are singles, students, and families can also be seen on the weekend enjoying spending time at this fashionable neighborhood.

Whether you’re hooked on local beer or traditional Japanese food, live rock music or Okinawan Sanshin music, once you step in the area you will have tons of options of which ones you’d like to do for the day.

Access to Mihama American Village

35 minute drive from Naha airport