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Sunflower Festival: Himawari Matsuri

Sunflower Festival: Himawari Matsuri

Along with nice and cozy breeze, what attracts bees and birds is tough, tall and beautiful sunflowers.

Many of you may think that sunflowers can only be seen during the summer season, however, that is not true when it comes to this southern-most island of Japan: Okinawa.

Not far from an express gate, right behind Kitanakagusuku Junior high school is where will feast your eyes with a huge bed of nearly 400,000 sunflowers blooming on about 10,000 square meters of land.

This annual Sunflower Festival started in 2008 features not only enjoyment of viewing the yellow loveliness but also some vendors selling local foods, fresh vegetables and snacks.

The roads are also paved which enables a stroller and wheel-chair accessible so no worries wether you are along with a small child or children, just start the engine of the car and be prepared for the fun day.