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Traditional Okinawan Dance

Traditional Okinawan Dance

Okinawa is well known as it used to be an independent nation with a long unique history.

The Ryukyu Kingdom, which lasted for 450 years has handed down not only its extraordinary culture but also the beautiful art of classical music and performance to our current generation.

Traditional Ryukyuan music comes in a few forms, one used in Kumi Odori that was designated a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage in 2010, and court music used in Ryukyu-Buyo.

Ryukyu-Buyo dance performance involves a number of instruments such as sanshin, koto, flute etc. which make it dignified. It had been originally performed only by male dancers before the Meiji era, and femle dancers started to appear after the postwar period.

Having an opportunity to observe this traditional Ryukyuan dance performance that has been disseminated nationwide may bring you a new perspective on life.