【Okinawa Travel Info】Tourist information for Okinawa,Japan



One of the best scenic spots Manzamo

While most tourists in Okinawa visit beautiful beaches to get tanned or enjoy the waters, there is this amazing spot where you can commune with the mother of nature.

Manzamo is dramatic coral cliffs facing the East China Sea, with the natural vegetation covering its top which has been designated Okinawa Kaigan Quasi-National Park.

If you take a stroll along the windswept walkway, soon you’ll see an elephant-trunk-shaped coral cliff for which the location is famous, and that is what will take your breath away.

Not merely the spectacular views of the ocean but also waves crushing into the cliffs and refreshing air are always enhanced the most by sunset.

Make sure to wear good walking shoes and a windbreaker jacket as the wind is always stronger at the plateau. Small food vendors as well as souvenir stands are available at the parking area.

Access to Manzamo

90 minute drive from Naha airport