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Tips for Okinawa’s Beaches

Three best tips for Okinawa's beaches

If you are asked what are associated with beaches to you, is swimming the only thing you can come up with? If so, there are a lot of activities that you should learn.

Whether it will be for a fun family day or sweet couple date, social day out or even just for yourself, there is no place other than a beach that has something for everyone.

When beach openings commonly start in late June in Japan, late March is hot enough to be the earliest in Okinawa. And as local newspaper displays lots of children splashing the water and grown ups enjoying watching them on its front pages once beach openings commence, you’ll most likely be tasked with confirming the beach list.

When you are finding the best beach destination for your vacation in Okinawa, here is a tip that you should consider the most.

1. Make sure there are some shaded areas on the beach for you to rest as spending more than a few hours at the beach in Okinawa can give you serious sunburn.

2. If you’re planning to snorkel, ask staff at the beach if it is permitted to before you’re heading as not all beaches are allowed.

3. Check the swimming hours scheduled for the beach as swimming hours vary depending on the month. It is not uncommon to see some visitors who are turned back even though they visit the beach before dusk.

If you have determined which location to go, all you now have to do is to head for it and make the most of the fun day enjoying not only swimming but also joining water activities such as banana boat ride, glass bottom boat ride, jet skiing and snorkeling, or even looking for pretty seashells or reading your favorite books laying on the beautiful white sand.