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A must-eat item during your visit! Okinawa’s original “Taco Rice”

A must-eat item during your visit! Okinawa's original

Trying local dishes is something every tourists look forward to during their travel.
There are many Okinawan local foods and snacks such as Goya Champuru (Type of vegetable fry consists of bitter melon egg, tofu, and spam), Soki Soba (Okinawa noodles with stewed pork spare ribs), Rafute (Okinawa-style stewed pork cubes), Sata Andagi (Okinawan sweet deep-fried doughnut) that tourists should definitely try, but you must not forget to eat the one and only “Taco Rice”.

“Taco Rice” got its hint from the Mexican food Tacos that was originated in the 1980s, and is relatively a new Okinawan cuisine.
Unlike the Tocas, which is eaten by wrapped corn-flour made toritillas, Taco Rice is a bowl menu eaten with rice.
Taco Rice has gotten so popular that schools provide as lunch menu, and it has become the new type of Okinawan soul food that locals enjoy it at least once a week.

There are many Taco Rice restaurants around central Okinawa Kin-town, which is the place of origin for Taco Rice. It’s a very popular menu in local restaurants and Izakaya(s) (Japanese bar).

You will understand the secret behind its popularity once you eat it.
The slightly sweet and spicy ground meat, tomato, and cheese will mix inside your mouth, and make a great harmony with fresh lettuce and rice!
As you can see, Taco Rice is a dish that certainly represents Okinawa’s “Champuru” culture which means “mix”.

Another reason behind its popularity is that you can arrange your own toppings and customize your own Taco Rice.
Taco Rice can be homemade as well, and there are retort pouch Taco Rice for souvenirs too.