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Cape Maeda, a place to visit for a grand ocean view!

Cape Maeda, a place to visit for a grand ocean view!

There many locations in Okinawa where visitors can enjoy the marvelous grand view of the ocean. Out of the many, Cape Maeda is the only spot where tourists can experience the great view not only from the upland, but also from under sea.
This easy access location is also popular to the local Okinawan people as a soul-healing spot.

Cape Maeda is known for its coral plateau located on the west coast of central Okinawa.
Huge rocks lie among the tip of cape formed by the raised coral reef, and right underneath you will be able to see one of Okinawa’s clear emerald green ocean with its beautiful coral reef.

As you can notice from top of the cliff, the reef’s shallow area has a sudden downfall, and this is what fascinates many of the scuba divers who visit from all around the world.
Visitors can fully enjoy the undulating geographical features inside the calm bay area where snorkeling is done.
Scuba divers also enjoy variety of fishes they meet under the sea such as the popular longfin batfish also known as the flying fish, butterfly fish also known as the rock beauty, damselfish, clownfish, and many more.

Most definitely, you should visit the “Blue Cave” (Kumagaa Gama) located below the cliff.
The ocean will sparkle in a wondrous cobalt blue inside this cave.
This mystical scene will definitely be a memorable time of your life.
The site is crowded with scuba divers everyday, but visitors can also access the cave with kayaks. Not necessarily you have to dive or snorkel because there are tours for visitors to enjoy the scenery only. As indicated above, there are many ways to enjoy the cape.

Cape Maeda will show its other attraction in the evening.
The sunset view from the cape is so special and gorgeous that its location is frequently used for movies and television commercials.
And when night comes, the cape will further fascinate the visitors with a ocean lighted by the reflection of the starry sky and noctilucae.

Access to Cape Maeda

1 hour drive from Naha Airport
Approximately 25 min. drive from “Manzamo” site