【Okinawa Travel Info】Tourist information for Okinawa,Japan


Wish to tour Okinawa’s beautiful ocean? Come to us and we’ll make your wish come true.

Orca the ocean sightseeing ship, heading to the point.

Many people think of the ocean when they image Okinawa.
During the summer season, many tourists visit Okinawa to enjoy the ocean.
There must be many tourists who wish to see the under water world where the corals and fishes live.
The Ocean Sightseeing Ship “Orca” will make those wishes come true without physically going into the water and getting wet.

Orca's observation room.

The ocean world that can be viewed through the big glass window of the observation room projecting out in the ocean.
Colorful marine fishes will swim close by and show you around.
The presence is so real that it seems like you can touch the fishes when you reach out.
There will be rare times when you can see the sea snakes and the sea turtles.
The under water view is affected by the weather, sea condition, and the season, and it will change on a daily basis.

The beautiful under water sightseeing point is located just 15 minutes away from the port of Naha.
The cruising will begin once you board at the Naha Wharf, where it was historically opened 500 years ago during the Ryukyu Kingdom Era when trade business started with China.
On the way to the off-shore point, you can listen to the guidance as the ship passes by numerous places such as the U.S. Military base, Naha Airport, and the city of Naha.


Enjoy both Okinawa’s under water world and the city of Naha in this amazing cruise, and discover the new attraction of Okinawa.