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A place you should definitely visit with your rental car! The Nirai-Kanai Bridge.

A place you should definitely visit with your rental car! The Nirai-Kanai Bridge.

If you’re driving up north in Okinawa, there’s a grand view location you should definitely stop by.

When driving on Route 331which covers the Chinen Peninsula, you’ll be able to see a beautiful curved structure on the mountain side. That’s the famous Nirai-Kanai Bridge.

There are many bridges in Okinawa, but the Nirai-Kanai bridge is a little different from the others.
Where many bridges span across river and ocean, this bridge crosses a mountain.

And the other feature about this bridge that attracts visitors is its structure and design.
When you actually go to this bridge, there are two bridges: the “Nirai Bridge” and the “Kanai Bridge”. The total length is 1200 meters, and it has a steric zigzag design (“U” Shaped).

The best way to enjoy the grand view is to drive top-down from the crest of the hill.

If you want to relax and enjoy the view, you should stop by the observation deck which is located on the upper area after passing through the tunnel.

Okinawa’s beautiful blue ocean and sky lies across the Nirai-Kanai Bridge.
On a clear day, you will be able to see Kudaka Island (also known as the “Island of God(s) ) on the Eastern part of the ocean.

In old Okinawa saying, the word “Nirai-Kanai” means “Utopia that lies far beyond the ocean”.
The grand view of this bridge totally matches its meaning which comes from the image of the paradise where the God(s) abide.

The ocean view that can be seen from the observation deck changes with the angle of the Sun.
If time permits, we recommend you to see the different ocean views that can be seen in the morning and the afternoon.

Access to Nirai-Kanai Bridge

Enter Route 86 (Prefectural Highway) from Route 331 (National Highway)

Making reservation for rental cars

rental cars

rental cars

If you want go around Okinawa, it’s best to rent a car. Many of the tourists rent a car to enjoy the ride and their travel.
There are many types of rental cars: Convertibles, Imports, Hybrids, etc.. These will be your key features to enjoy your travel.