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Touring around Okinawa with the Yui Rail – Information about the Shuri Station

Touring around Okinawa with the Yui Rail - Information about the Shuri Station

The Ryukyu Kingdom is known to have ruled over the main Island of Okinawa and the Nansei Islands for the past 450 years in the history.
The Shuri area was once the royal government of the Ryukyu Kingdom, and was the center of trade business (importing and exporting) between the country of China, Japan, Korea, and parts of Southeast Asia.

There still exists many historical architectures around the area, and one the famous structure is the Shuri Castle which is registered in the World Heritage list.
Many traditions and culture from other countries were brought into Okinawa, and this mixed culture created the now well-known Okinawa’s famous and original Bingata (traditional method of dyeing developed in Okinawa), Shuri Ori (method of weaving developed in Okinawa), and the Awamori (Okinawa’s traditional liquor).
The culture of the Ryukyu is said to be born and developed in the Shuri area, and has spread all over Okinawa to become the roots of the current Okinawan culture.

Shuri area now has been well developed and maintained to represent the historical townscape. Not only visitors from mainland Japan, but many tourists from all around the world visit Okinawa for the historical sightseeing.
Shuri Station is the terminal station of Okinawa’s city monorail “Yui Rail”, which runs within Naha city from Naha Airport. You will be able to see and feel the great history of the Ryukyu walking downtown in the Shuri area.

Map around Shuri area