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Be Careful of Ultraviolet Rays- How to Prevent Sunburn in Okinawa

Be Careful of Ultraviolet Rays- How to Prevent Sunburn in Okinawa

Many tourists who visit Okinawa plan on getting a tan during their trip.
However, the sunlight during Okinawa’s summer season feels rather painful and is more intense than you would think.

Surprisingly, Okinawa’s ambient temperature during the months of July, August, and September is low compared to Tokyo. However, you have to be more careful of ultraviolet (UV) rays than the temperature.

The quantity of ultraviolet rays measured in Okinawa is twice those measured in Hokkaido, which is located at a higher latitude.
Please remember that UV rays tend to increase around beaches and ocean areas.

If you accidentally slept on the beach, you might end up with severe sunburn.
Those with weak skin especially have to watch out for ultraviolet rays.
For your trip to Okinawa, we recommend the following countermeasures against sunburn throughout the year.

The best method is to avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays.
Okinawan locals do not go to the beach during the day, and they walk in the shade of downtown.

Make sure to use sunscreen with an SPF level of 50 or more, wear sunglass, a long sleeve shirt, and a big hat.
For women, we also recommend bringing a parasol with you (a black parasol is more effective blocking ultraviolet rays than a white parasol).

If you still get sunburn after taking these countermeasures, make sure to ice and cool your sunburn.

We also recommend visiting beauty salons for aftercare to prevent stains and freckles.