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Paradise Near Okinawa! A Day Trip to the “Kerama Islands”

Paradise Near Okinawa! A .Day Trip to the “Kerama Islands”

There are many beautiful beaches in Okinawa, but don’t forget that “visiting a remote island” is another option to enjoy your tour.

A recommended remote island to visit around Okinawa is the Kerama Islands.

The Kerama Island is consisted of several different islands such as Zamami Island, Tokashiki Island, Aka Island, Geruma Island. All of these islands are close proximity from Okinawa, 50 minutes from Tomari Wharf by fast ferry. Visitor’s enjoy the different taste of paradise, they feel much more free compared to the main island of Okinawa.

The ocean is blue, and the beach is white.
The island is filled with natural light and shades of various colors.
The panoramic view of the island reminds the visitors of the original landscape scenery of Okinawa. The beautiful ocean of the island is known as “Kerama Blue” which fascinates many divers from around the world.

You don’t necessarily have to dive to enjoy the Kerama Islands.
The most renowned beach of the Zamami Island, the “Furu Zamami” has beautiful coral reefs right near the shoreline, where you can enjoy snorkeling.

If you look under the sea, you will see many fishes swimming!

Don’t worry even if you weren’t able to get a reservation of the ferry before the day of the departure. There will be opportunities for you to buy the tickets early in the morning that day, or you can write your name on the waiting list at the ticket counter.

Map Around the Kerama Islands