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Tour Around Okinawa with the Yui Rail – Recommended Information Around Omoromachi Station

Tour Around Okinawa with the Yui Rail - Recommended Information Around Omoromachi Station

Just around 19 minutes from Naha Airport using the Yui Rail.
It’s a shopping paradise once you get off the Omoromachi Station,
If you’re looking for a souvenir to buy, this is the area you should stop by. It has everything from brand-name goods to handicraft items.

Duty-free shops, shopping center, restaurants, cafe, beauty salons, these are all located near the station. You will forget time just walking and stopping by these random shops.

The area around Omoromachi is called “Shintoshin (means ‘new downtown’)”, and it’s the center of Okinawan business district.
Not only you will enjoy shopping and eating, the area also has a big movie theater, historical museum, and an art gallery. One day might not be enough to tour through all of these spots.

On a rainy day, try taking a walk around Omoromachi station instead of going further out on island.
The area is accessible with Yui Rail as well with local buses and rental cars.

In Okinawa’s old song, the word “Omoro” means peace and prosperity in the village.

Soon after the war, Okinawa has been under America’s governance, and its land has been developed for the U.S. military facilities. In the 80′s, the city began its redevelopment, and gained its popularity that it has right now.
The meaning behind the name of the city represents Okinawa’s peace and its bright future.

Omoromachi, a place where you can enjoy shopping, and have a taste of Okinawa’s history.

Map and Location Information around the Omoro-machi Station