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Marine Life Paradise! The Ecology of Okinawa’s Ocean.

Marine Life Paradise! The Ecology of Okinawa's Ocean.

Many divers around the world wish to dive in Okinawa’s ocean.
Along with the colorful tropical fishes, many marine life lives under the emerald green ocean.

Even in the shallow area near the beaches, you can see the popular clown fish, elegant butterfly fish, and the vivid damsel fish. If you go a little offshore, you might be lucky enough to see the large whale shark, manta ray, and whales (during whale watching season).

Okinawa’s warm ocean is an ideal environment for the whales to give birth and to raise the baby whales.

Also the dugong, which is an endangered species, lives in the north central area of Okinawa.

As for the sea turtles, there are egg-laying sites in almost every part of the island.

There’s a reason why Okinawa’s ocean is full of marine life. That is because of the warm current that flows through Okinawa call the Kuroshio Current. Another reason is the coral reefs.

There has been more than 800 types of corals discovered in the world, and 200 of these corals live in Okinawa’s ocean.

The coral reef is an ideal environment for the small fishes to live in and to give birth to.

It is no exaggeration to say that the ecology of ocean is maintained all because of the coral reef.

The beautiful ocean is paradise to both the people who live on the island and to the many marine life that dwells in the ocean.