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A Masterpiece that Possesses Power and Beautiful Curvature, the “Zakimi Castle Ruins”.

A Masterpiece that Possesses Power and Beautiful Curvature, the

A stone wall built on a small hill in Yomitan Village, this is Zakimi Castle Ruins fortified in the 15th century.

Out of the many Okinawan castles (called Gusuku), Zakimi Castle is one of the best that still represents a powerful fortress.

Together with the Shuri Castle, Zakimi Castle Ruin is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Visitors will enjoy walking around and on the stone walls, and sense 600 years worth of time lapse.

Entrance is free of charge, no time limits, very beautiful location for photo shooting on daybreaks and evenings.
(Note that there are no fences around the stone walls, so please be very careful when walking around.)

The famous general who built Zakimi Castle was Gosamaru who was a known castle construction engineer and the “tragic loyal retainer” in the Ryukyu history. Gosamaru designed a very unique masonry that possesses strength and curvilinear beauty.

Gosamaru was a famous general who served for the 6th Generation of the Unified Kingdom. However, he was reported for treason by Amawari, the lord of Katsuren Castle, who was actually planning the treason. It is said that Gosamaru was destroyed by the royal government due to this false report.

Gosamaru did not resist at that time, and it is said that he and his family committed suicide.

There are many information about this incident, but no body knows what the truth is.

How about spending some time on the stone walls, and looking back on things that happened there?

The panoramic view from the stone wall is just beautiful.
If you’re lucky on a clear day, you might be able to see the Kerama Islands offshore.

Access to Zakimi Castle Ruins

1 hour 10 minutes drive from Naha Airport (Public highway)