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A Place Where You Can Experience the “Real Okinawa”, the First Makishi Public Market

“A Place Where You Can Experience the “Real Okinawa”, the First Makishi Public Market

If you ever visit the Kokusai Street in Naha city, you would definitely want to stop by the First Makishi Public Market.

Once you enter the arcade area (Ichiba-Hon-Dori: Market Main Street; Ichiba-Chuo-Dori: Market Central Street) through the busy Kokusai Street, you will find the shopping paradise.

Food, merchandise, clothes, books, there are more almost 700 stores in the area overfilled with vibrant locals and tourists every day.

Walk halfway through the arcade area, and you will find the Public Market.
The public market started off as a black market after the war, it has been supporting the life of the Okinawans for a long time.

Fresh fish and meat that represents Okinawa’s tradition are sold in the first floor area.
Gurukun (type of sea fish), parrotfish, tebichi (pig’s trotters), chiraga (pig’s face skin), goya (bitter gourd), papaya, mango, dragon fruits, these are all fresh foods available that the public market.

The dining area in the second floor will be able to prepare you a dish (with charge) with the ingredients you bought at the first floor. Try asking the cooks for a recipe, and you might be able to take home good food souvenir.

The dining area has menus such as Okinawa Soba, Champuru (Okinawa’s traditional mixed stir fries), and many other Okinawan dishes, so you don’t necessarily have to buy the ingredients at the first floor.

The area around the market is full of fun.
Walking through the maze-like narrow paths, and you will experience the “Real Okinawa” that you may not see in the resort areas.

Transportation Access to the First Makishi Public Market

・Approximately 10 minutes drive from the Airport
・Approximately 10 minutes walk from the Yui Monorail: Miebashi Station