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The Prefecture of Longevity, Okinawa’s World-Class Healthy Sweetener- Kokuto (Brown Sugar)

Prefecture of Longevity, Okinawa's Wolrd-Class Healthy Sweetener, the

When you visit Okinawa, you may notice that there are many sugarcane fields.
Peel the skin of harvested sugarcane and cut it in round slices, and now you have a delicious and sweet dessert for yourself.
Take a bite and the natural sugar will spread through your mouth.

Kokuto, which is a specialty of Okinawa, is a 100% natural health food product. It is made by hardening the juice squeezed from harvested sugarcane, which has been boiled over many hours.
Real Kokuto does not contain any artificial additives or coagulating agents.

Okinawa is known to make high quality brown sugar and came across its manufacturing method in the 17th century

Gima Shinjo, one of “The Five Great Men of Okinawa,” traveled to China and mastered the method of making this brown sugar. He spread the method after he came back to Okinawa and Kokuto has been a valuable product which has supported the Okinawan economy until this day.

Like ordinary white sugar, brown sugar also carries nutrients such as calcium, potassium, iron, and rich in vitamins and minerals.

It is good for dieting and teeth cleaning, and also known to have positive effects against heat exhaustion and eczema.

Kokuto is not just a sweetener, but also rich in nutrients and is said to have superior preventive medicinal qualities as an alkaline health food product.

Kokuto is used in Okinawan food on a regular basis, and we can agree why Okinawa is known as “The Prefecture of Longevity.”