【Okinawa Travel Info】Tourist information for Okinawa,Japan


Okinawa’s “Michi-No-Eki” (Roadside Station), a Place Worth Stopping by During Your Visit!


If you ever visit Okinawa, please stop by the “Michi-No-Eki” (roadside station) on your way to your destination.

“Michi-No-Eki” isn’t just a drive-in spot.
It is a complex facility with resting place and multiple shops where they sell local specialty.

There’s 8 of these “Michi-No-Eki” in Okinawa, and each station not only has fresh fruits and vegetables, but they also have Okinawan processed food such as the Jimami-doufu (soybean curd) and the Sata Andagi (deep fried doughnut).
Each station is different, and has its original snacks and desserts.

The station also has Okinawa-made craft products, so it is a very good spot to look for souvenirs.

The place also has discount tickets to popular tourist facilities and information on local events so you should definitely stop by!

The first station ever made in Okinawa was the “Kyoda Michi-No-Eki”, located along Route 58 at the entrance of Okinawa’s northern area.
The Kyoda Michi-No-Eki placed 1st out of all stations in Japan, and over 1.5 million people visits the place every year.

Gourmet, shopping, travel information…the station has it all.
There are many ways to utilize the “Michi-No-Eki”, but the best part for tourists is that they can interact with local Okinawan people.

The store staffs are very friendly, and we are certain that you will have a wonderful encounter that will make your trip memorable.