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Recommended Sightseeing Spots to Fully Enjoy “Onna Village”

Recommended Sightseeing Spots to Fully Enjoy

Onna Village, located in the Chubu (Central) area of Okinawa, is one of Okinawa’s leading sightseeing area.

The area is about one hour drive from the airport, and many tourists go direct to Onna Village from the airport for their stay.

Every year, approximately 3.5 million tourists come visit for the beautiful ocean.

Many resort hotels with ocean view line up along Route 58, and each hotel has its own beautiful beach where tourists can enjoy marine activities.

Onna Village has two of the famous capes for diving, Cape Manza (Manzamou) and Cape Maeda (Maeda Misaki).
Can’t miss the clear ocean and the beautiful and romantic sunset view of the East China Sea.

We can guarantee you Onna Village has more than what’s written above.

Adventure parks that feature the nature scene of “Yanbaru”, shopping areas where you can buy local specialties and traditional crafts, theme parks where families and couples can experience traditional activities, Onna Village has it all.

It might be hard to find a place to eat since there are many gourmet restaurants where you can enjoy Okinawan dishes and desserts.

The “Kunigami West Sea Route (Kunigami Housei Kaidou)”, which connects south and north area of Okinawa, was repaired and maintained during the Dynasty Period.
Until this day, many people use this road to access Onna Village.

Access to Onna Village