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Special Edition: Luxury! Cafe with Okinawa’s Beautiful Ocean View (Northern Area of Okinawa)

Special Edition: Luxury! Cafe with Okinawa's Beautiful Ocean View (Northern Area of Okinawa)

There are many ways to enjoy Okinawa’s beautiful ocean, but the most luxurious way to enjoy the ocean is to relax at a seaside cafe.

Many popular cafes gather around the Northern area of Okinawa, and our recommendation is a cafe that has a superb view of Okinawa’s ocean.

Forget about the time, and watch the ocean…
Eat good food with families and your loved ones, talk about the memories from your trip, and think about the plans for your next travel…listen to the sound of the waves, and flip through the pages of the book you are reading… simple things, but would definitely give you healing and relaxation from the inside of your body.

These cafes that you can practically use as the “terminal of your trip” are located along Route 58.

Please add these cafes to your “places-to-go-list” when you plan your travel with rental car.

All of these cafes are located along seaside, so ocean view is guaranteed from any of these cafes. If you’re lucky, you might be able to see the romantic sunset view on a clear sky day.

An old Japanese-style house type cafe, a cafe that has a pottery studio, these are just few of the many that are located up North. There are various types of cafe with various menus and services.

If you find yourself a favorite cafe, you might want to stop by at different hours to see the change in the ocean view.

It should add variety of colors to your trip.