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Beginners to Experts – Enjoy Fishing in Okinawa

Beginner to an Expert - Enjoy Fishing in Okinawa

As you can see from the Churaumi Aquarium, the biodiversity of Okinawa’s ocean has a wide variety of fish and marine life.

It’s a fishing heaven for all beginners and experts.

Some people are serious enough to charter a cruiser and go out to fish for mahi-mahi, skipjack tunas, and marlins that weigh over 200 kilograms.

Of course, beginners can also enjoy fishing too.
Some people go out to sea by boat, and some have a relaxing time fishing from rafts or buoys.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any fishing gear.
All gear can be rented, and even if you don’t know how to attach the bait, a friendly guide will teach you how to do everything.

The fish that you catch can be made into sashimi (sliced raw fish), or even barbequed upon request.
It’ll be a memorable taste that you will never forget.

In Okinawa, fried gurukun (double-lined fusilier) is very good. If you’re lucky, you can catch an akajin meebai (grouper), meaning “red money” in old Okinawan. Akajin meebai is a luxurious high-quality fish that will taste very good no matter how you cook it.

If you catch a fish with a beard around its mouth, that’s an ojisan (five-barred goatfish).
Ojisan means “old man” in Japanese, and you might have already figured out where it got its weird name from. Aside from its name, this fish turns into a delicious local dish when boiled with Okinawan maasu (salt).

It’s very fun diving and snorkeling around a variety of fish, but we also recommend fishing in Okinawa. You might find a different world of marine activity.