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Remains from the Time of Castle Construction have Miraculously Kept its Original Form, the “Nakagusuku Castle Ruins”

There are still many Gusuku (castle) remains in Okinawa from the Ryukyu Kingdom Era.

It is said that there are more than 300 of these castle ruins, but only 5 are registered in UNESCO’s World Heritage List as “Ryukyu Kingdom Castle and Related Properties” (Nakijin Castle Ruins, Zakimi Castle Ruins, Katsuren Castle Ruins, Nakagusuku Castle Ruins, Shuri Castle Ruins).

Of the 5 registered castle ruins, the Nakagusuku Castle Ruins have the least damage from the war. It is said that the stone walls have maintained their original shape until today, which is why they’re called the “Miraculous Remains.”

If you ever have the chance to visit, you will notice the beautiful and artistic curved line of the castle wall. The curved line is the result created by natural geographic features.

Nakagusuku Castle is built on a small hill surrounded by cliffs and steep slopes. There are only two entrances/exits along the ridge: the Main Entrance and the Rear Gate.

Easy to defend and difficult to attack, the person who constructed this functional castle was the genius fortifier during the Ryukyu Kingdom Era, Gosamaru.

Gosamaru renovated an existing castle and rebuilt it into the strong impregnable Nakagusuku Castle. It has now been 500 years since the castle’s construction, and the castle now gives visitors a warm welcome.

The magnificent sight from the castle ruins is a gorgeous panorama of Okinawa.
On a sunny day, you can see the sacred land of Kudaka Island and the Kerama Islands.
You can spend the whole day watching the view and not get tired of it.

※Inside the castle area, there are sacred grounds where only locals can enter. Please respect the culture and do not enter these areas.

Access to Nakagusuku Castle Ruins

Access to Nakagusuku Castle Ruins