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High Quality Healing Spots- A Cool and Refreshing Tour to Okinawa’s Waterfalls

High Quality Healing Spots- A Cool and Refreshing Tour to Okinawa’s Waterfalls

Where do you think Okinawan locals go to avoid the summer heat?
Many people would probably give you the same answer.
“We recommend going to a waterfall if you want to cool off.”

A characteristic of an Okinawan waterfall is that many of them are located deep in the tropical forest.
Waterfalls are fun and exciting, including the hike to and from them. The distance and difficulty of the hike to each waterfall varies.
A gigantic fern, rare birds and insects, the rustle of the trees…
After enjoying an adventure in the tropical forest, the waterfall should give you healing and comfort.

The “Hiji Falls” in Kunigami-son located in the northern part of Okinawa is known as “The Largest Waterfall on Okinawa’s Main Island.”
The height of this dynamic waterfall is about 27 meters, and the strong rapids created by the abundance of water will definitely overwhelm visitors.
It is about 1.5 kilometers to the waterfall from the entrance.
It will take about 60 minutes one way, but the “Hiji Falls” located deep in the tropical forest is a jungle oasis.

Known as “the animal paradise,” Iriomote island is also a treasure trove of waterfalls.
The “Mariyudu Falls” which has been selected as one of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls, The “Pinaisara Falls” which is the largest waterfall in all of Okinawa, the “Nara Falls” which is known as “The Visionary Waterfall…”

Bathe in the water spray from the roaring waterfall and it will definitely refresh your mind and body.

※ Okinawa’s waterfalls are places of healing and comfort, but don’t forget to look up directions, and make sure to bring a non-slip shoes, insect repellents, and towels with you.
※ There are some waterfalls with a basin and no swimming area, so please follow the rules during your visit.