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Touring around Okinawa with the Yui Rail – Information about Miebashi Station

Touring around Okinawa with the Yui Rail - Information about Miebashi Station

The Yui Rail is very convenient when accessing the Naha city area from the airport. After passing the Kokuba River, the monorail will pass over the Kumoji River into the city area.

Station No. 8, Miebashi Station is located between “Prefectural Office Station (No. 7)” and “Makishi Station (No. 9),” right in the middle of Kokusai Street.

The station is a little off of Kokusai Street, but there are many great shops around the station.
There are many repeat customers and visitors who stay at hotels around the quiet Miebashi Station.

Near the station, there are many original cafes and Okinawan-style Izakayas (combination bar/restaurants). There are also souvenir shops, craft shops, accessory shops, and many more.
Also near the station is Okinawa’s largest bookstore, the “Junkudo Naha Bookstore,” where you can find books and pictures related to Okinawa.

It is about a 10 minute walk to “Tomarin,” the terminal building of Naha Port.
There are many hotels around Tomarin, and the place is very convenient for travelers who plan on visiting remote islands like the Kerama Islands.

It won’t take you 10 minutes to walk to Kokusai Street, but we also recommend taking a stroll around the Kokuba River.

During the Ryukyu Dynasty Period, the west side (area towards Naha Airport) of the Kokuba River was all ocean. The land where the Naminoue Shrine is located used to be a separate island, but gradually became a part of the main island.

Map Around Miebashi Station

Recommended Sightseeing Spots Around Miebashi Station