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World’s Largest Fish – Learn About The “Whale Shark”!

World's Largest Fish - Learn About The

A full grown “whale shark” is known to become 20 meters long and 35 tons in weight.

It is known as the world’s largest fish, but researchers have not discovered the detail ecology of this fish.

The “whale shark” does not lay eggs, instead It hatches the egg inside the stomach, and labors the baby. This fundamental ecology became obvious in 1995.

The “whale shark” lives in warm sea all around the world, but facts such as the area where it labors and rears the babies, wandering route, why it swims in groups are not discovered to this date.

The overall population is said to be decreasing, but the current number of population is not known. This mysterious fish is registered as an endangered species.

The everyday routine and common facts of the “whale shark” is still covered in mystery.
But from its name, we all know that this fish is a shark.

The whale shark feeds on small crustaceans and planktons, and it will not attack humans.

The figure that swims slowly in the ocean is full of power and appears godly.

Many divers yearn to swim with the “whale shark”, and that is something that can be experienced in Okinawa.

Also at the Churaumi Aquarium, you can see the “world’s longest reared whale shark” at a close range.
And there’s 3 of them!
You will never get tired of watching the “whale sharks” swim calm and elegant.