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First Beach To Visit At Okinawa, 15-Minute Drive From The Airport – The “Chura-Sun Beach”

First Beach To Visit At Okinawa, 15-Minute Drive From The Airport - The

“Ladies and gentlemen, we will begin descent for our final approach to Naha International Airport. Weather at Naha is sunny, and the temperature is…”

Look out the window while listening to the flight attendant’s announcement, the astonishing view that spreads in your eyes is the shining emerald green ocean!

If you are eager to enjoy Okinawa’s beach, we recommend you to go to the “Chura-Sun Beach” right near the airport.

Access to the “Chura-Sun Beach” is very convenient, and is only a 15-minute drive from the airport.
A very good spot to have your first and last swim during your Okinawa tour.

The good news is that the parking lot is free, and the beach has toilet, shower, and coin locker facilities.
This man-made beach is 700 meters long, beautifully maintained, and it’s Okinawa’s largest.

The beach is shallow off the shore so it is safe for children and the elderly. You can experience marine activities such as snorkeling and sea kayaking. Not just tourists, many local Okinawan people come and enjoy the beach during the summer season.

The grass area aside the beach is the area specifically used for barbeque. You can hold large barbeque and beach parties in this area.
Equipments for barbeque can be rented, and there’s no need to prepare food and ingredients.

If you get hungry, there are many cafes and parlors around the area. It’s also a good idea to go to nearby restaurants with rental bicycle.

Map Of Chura-Sun Beach