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The Beauty And The Great Taste Of Okinawan Fish!

The Beauty And The Great Taste Of Okinawan Fish!

Okinawa’s ocean has one of the best clarity in the world.

Marine activities such as diving and snorkeling are enjoyed at the ocean, but after all the “main character of Okinawa’s ocean” is always the fishes.

Not just large species like the manta rays that are inspiration to the divers, if you take a dive into the ocean, there are variety of colorful tropical fishes swimming.

At the shallow sea coral reef area, there’s a great chance to see the red and orange clownfish, the yellow narrow-faced oriental butterfly fish, and the bright blue damsel fish.

At the bottom of the ocean, if you see a big fish crunching on a rock, that’s the “Irabu-cha” also known as the parrot fish. Also fishes swimming in a group is Okinawa’s specialty, the “Gurukun” also known as the double-lined fusilier.

The Irabu-cha and the Gurukun are cooked deep fried, salt-grilled, and salt-boiled, very delicious and common at the market.

The Gurukun seen at the market is red colored, but the Gurukun seen inside the ocean is actually blue. It’s pretty mysterious, but it is said that the Gurukun turns red during asleep in the ocean and when it is excited.

There are many other fishes that taste very good.

The red-spotted rockcod or the blue-spotted grouper is a type of queen snapper and star snapper, which is known as Okinawa’s high-quality fish. This fish tastes very good in sashimi, hard-boiled, salt-grilled, and fried.