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Taketomishima Island – A Paradise to Enjoy the “Beautiful Beach” and the “Good Old Okinawa”

Taketomishima Island - A Paradise to Enjoy the

There are many remote islands in Okinawa, but one of the most popular is “Taketomishima Island”.
One of the reason of its popularity is the easy access from Ishigakijima Island. It’s only about a 10-minute ride on a fast ferry.

It’s a small island, 9 kilometers in circumference, surrounded by coral reef. We recommend you to rent a bicycle, and ride around the beach.

The “Kondoi Beach” located on the west side between the village and the Taketomi Port is the top popular beach on the island.

The view created by the white sand and the light emerald green ocean is paradise itself.
The beach is shallow off the shore so it is safe to take small children with you (swimming is prohibited at “Kaiji Beach” located aside, but star-sand search is permitted).

The west area of the island is the best spot to view the sunset.
If time is not a problem, we recommend you to visit the beach and enjoy the sunset.

“Taketomishima Island” is said to be the last original landscape of Okinawa.
You would probably understand the reason why if you walk through the village located in the center of the island.

Most of the houses and the stores are old Okinawan architectural structures.
The red roof tiles and the plasterworks make a vivid scene, and white sand is spread through the footpath of the village.

If you hear the sound of the Sanshin (Okinawan traditional three-stringed instrument), that is the oxcart of the water buffalo.
It’s quite an experience to ride through the Okinawan village on a oxcart listening to the sound of the Sanshin.