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Full of ‘the world’s best coral’, many divers yearn for the Okinawan ocean.

Full of ‘the world’s best coral’, many divers yearn for the Okinawan ocean.

Coral creates a magical world of vivid colors within the ocean,
and it is said that it can only exist where there is a rich, well-maintained and balanced eco-system.

Of course, the Okinawan ocean is a perfect example of this,
and its waters are full of coral that is sought after by divers from all around the world.

The islands of Okinawa are famous for their coral reefs,
where roughly 200 types of coral can be found out of the approximately 800 types that have been verified.

Along with sea anemone and jellyfish, coral is also known to lay its eggs on the night of a full moon.

However, did you know that even though coral is not a plant, it still photosynthesizes?
By absorbing carbon dioxide, it produces oxygen at a rate that is 6-16 times the amount produced by trees on land.
Using more than 10% of the entire planet’s carbon dioxide, coral plays a major role in preventing global warming.

Unfortunately, however, coral in Okinawa is decreasing and chlorosis has become a big problem.

Coral is a very delicate organism that can die if the water temperature is even slightly elevated,
and it is also difficult for it to grow in waters where there is a lot of ultraviolet light.

In the end, it is man who is having the greatest effect on coral, and the damage to Okinawa’s beautiful oceans might just be a reflection of our future.