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The bitter super vegetable, Goya

The bitter super vegetable, Goya

Goya is an essential vegetable in Okinawan cuisine, and it is loved by the people of Okinawa.

It is not only used in goya champuru, which is the ‘soul food of Okinawa’, but also in tempura and pickled dishes, so it is not rare for Okinawans to eat this vegetable daily.

Also known as the ‘bitter melon’, the biggest feature of goya is its bitterness. There are even people who were born and raised in Okinawa who say that, as a child, it was too bitter to eat.

Its distinctive bitterness is also known to improve flavors by breaking down amino acids.
In other words, this means that it is usually used in goya champuru for nutritional reasons, as this is a dish which uses lots of katsuo-dashi.

Not only is goya delicious, but it’s bitterness is also said to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, as well as improve and prevent both obesity and diabetes.

It is also rich in vitamins and minerals, so it is perfect for overcoming fatigue and preventing heat exhaustion.
Of course, beautiful skin is another benefit!

Finally, you can ingest plenty of vitamin C from this super vegetable simply by frying it, as the vitamin C contained within goya reacts with heat.