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20-Minute Boat Ride From Naha! A Small Paradise Made From Coral – “Nagannu Island”

20-Minute Boat Ride From Naha! A Small Paradise Made From Coral -

There are many remote islands around Okinawa, and one of the popular one is “Nagannu Island”.
The island has a very convenient access from Naha, and is registered as a national park.

“Nagannu Island” is a part of the Kerama Islands which is made from the Chibishi Atoll, located 15 kilometers west of Naha.

The island can be accessed easily from Tomari Port, a 20-minute ride by fast ferry.

A 1.7 kilometer long island made from coral sand, and it is said that it got its name “Nagannu” from an old Okinawan dialect meaning “long object”.

White sand and the emerald green ocean.
Your heart should be filled with excitement even before visiting the island.

Not only you can relax at the beach, you can also enjoy activities such as ocean walk and snorkeling.
There also are whale-watching tour during January through March.

To protect the island environment, food and drinks are not allowed on island. But don’t worry, there are restaurants on the island.

There also are cottages on the island, so it is possible to have a stay over.
You can also enjoy outdoor activities and pitch a tent on the camp site.

At night, beautiful starry sky will cover the sky.

“”Nagannu Island” is a perfect paradise.
Once you visit, you will definitely want to visit again.