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Nakijin Castle Ruins: Okinawa before the Ryukyu Kingdom

Nakijin Castle Ruins: Okinawa before the Ryukyu Kingdom

The world heritage site Nakijin Castle is not to be missed when going to the north of the Motobu Peninsula,
located about an hour and a half by car from Naha, or 15 minutes from Churaumi Aquarium. In 2000, it was registered by UNESCO as the “Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu”.

Also known as Hokuzan Castle, Nakijin Castle has an ancient history. Before the Ryukyu Kingdom was created, the whole area was a castle for the feudal lord of Hokuzan and flourished as one of the main bases for territory control. After being destroyed by the Ryukyu Kingdom, it became a sacred place to perform religious rituals.

The total length of the existing wall is 1.5 kilometres.
Boasting an area equal to that of Shuri Castle, 4 hectares of land are enclosed within the beautifully curved line drawn by the castle walls.

Looking up at the castle walls which are skillfully placed on a small hill, it becomes clear with just a glance that Nakijin Castle was once impregnable.

Currently, there are no buildings inside the castle, but visitors can still feel the life of the kingdom that once flourished there more than 600 years ago by walking around the castle ruins.

At one time, the castle was also sublime inside. There were private quarters for the women which men were forbidden to enter and which had a wonderful view of the scenery.

Here you can overlook the ocean expanding from the north of the Motobu Peninsula.

A beautiful sight which has gone unchanged since long ago.

Access to Nakijin Castle Ruins

About 1 hour 30 minutes from Naha airport.