【Okinawa Travel Info】Tourist information for Okinawa,Japan


Experience “Kominka”, traditional Okinawan houses


With red-tiled roofs and open spaces laid with Ryukyu-tatami mats, visitors can watch the blue sky over the garden’s stone wall while feeling the warmth of the trees. Time flows slowly in “Kominka”, or old traditional houses in Okinawa, creating a somewhat nostalgic feeling regardless of whether or not it is your first time visiting.

The charming features of these kominka are being recognized once again.
Not only are conservation activities being carried out for these traditional buildings, but the number of places that tourists can visit freely is also increasing.

The calming atmosphere that cannot be replicated by new buildings is perfect for cafes and restaurants. There are also shops that sell folk crafts and miscellaneous goods, as well as kominka that have been renovated into hotels and condos which are popular amongst those who want to have a relaxing stay.
There are also many families who repeatedly come for long weekends, and it seems here you can enjoy an Okinawa that cannot be experienced at a modern resort.

The Nakamurake Residence in the Nakagami area is one of the most famous kominka.
This wonderful house was built over 150 years ago around the mid 18th century, and has been designated as one of Japan’s important cultural properties.
It is the perfect spot to study the characteristics and history of these old traditional houses.

There are still many old houses on remote islands such as Taketomijima and Togejikima, where you can feel the old-fashioned Okinawa scenery just by walking through the village.