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Sparerib Soup: The Must Try Traditional Winter Dish of Okinawa

Sparerib Soup: The Must Try Traditional Winter Dish of Okinawa

‘Soki Jiru’, or Sparerib Soup, is a classic winter dish in Okinawa.
This dish is the soul food of Okinawan winters, popular amongst locals as the seasonal dish to eat at home, izakayas and diners when tropical Okinawa becomes a little chilly.

‘Soki’ is a spare rib, and amongst other ingredients this dish is usually topped with soba noodles and cooked for a long time until it softens. This tastes excellent accompanied with Awamori, a type of Okinawan shochu.

There are also many ingredients used that make this a healthy dish, such as radish, carrots, winter melon and papaya.

This elegant soup uses a dashi base with bonito and seaweed, seasoned with miso or soy sauce to give it a gentle flavor.
The flavor differs from shop to shop, each providing a unique flavor to be enjoyed.

This dish takes a lot of time and effort to prepare, and so long ago it was seen as an extravagant dish for entertaining guests, rarely eaten as a normal meal.

There was also a time when a whole pig would be used in this dish to celebrate New Year in Okinawa.

If you find it on the menu, please enjoy the different varieties of ‘Soki Jiru’ from each shop.
Drinking this warm soup will also warm your body and soul.